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The Homeschooling Advantage, Issue #001 -- Great Homeshooling Schedules
July 31, 2012

Homeschool Highschool with Confidence

The Homeschooling Advantage, Issue #0002 --- Homeschool High School with Confidence
In This Issue...

If you are like me, homeschool high school sounds hard, scary, and impossible! :) BUT with a little nudge in the right direction and staying fairly organized... Ha! Ha!! will fine that homeschooling high school is not so daunting as it seems!

Start with these 7 Steps to prepare your homeschool student for highschool and beyond!

Don't forget to stay organized by keeping accurate records! Try our Free Down-Loadable Homeschool Record Keeping Sheets for every subject!

Homeschool Transcripts

1.)Homeschool Transcripts:Easy Step by Step Guide

Wondering how to make homeschool transcripts? Follow this easy step by step guide for creating your homeschool high school transcript! Click here for more...

2.)Free High School Transcript Template Download

Click here for more...

Homeschool Diplomas

1.) Free Homeschool Diplomas

Homeschool diplomas are records of your child's completion of his studies. If you're wondering whether your homeschooled student can receive a diploma, the answer is yes!

Click here to learn more...

CLEP Tests

1.)CLEP Test:10 Benefits for Homeschoolers:

A CLEP test, (College Level Examination Program), one of the best known credit-by-examination methods, offers many wonderful benefits for the Homeschooled student.

Click here to learn more...

2.)Recommendations for CLEP Study Material:

Having reliable and excellent CLEP study material for the CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exams is MUST!!

Click here to learn more...

3.)5 Simple Steps to Getting Started

With nine children in my home AND knowing that the price of college tuition continues to makes sense for my children to take CLEP exams. Although it officially stands for "College Level Examination Program" I like the "Can Lower Education Payments" much better! :)

Click here to learn more...

The Homeschooling Advantage brings you the latest additions to my experience with the Pros and Cons of Homeschooling!

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