CLEP Test:
10 Benefits for Homeschoolers

A CLEP test, (College Level Examination Program), one of the best known credit-by-examination methods, offers many wonderful benefits for the Homeschooled student.

By earning college credit in high school,, they can save time and money by studying on their own...offering homeschool high school students a great way to prepare for college.

10 CLEP test Benefits.

College Credit in High School

This looks great on your transcript. I made sure I put every college level course on the high school transcript.

Since CLEP tests represents a college amount of knowledge, then it would be an "honors" class. When your student passes a test, you can add it to your transcripts, so it might look like this on a transcript: CLEP English Grammar, or CLEP US History.

CLEP tests provide an "official transcript". This is your third-party proof showing there is external documentation.

Allows You to Skip Beginner Courses

Since freshman classes are basic courses, by taking a ClEP test you do not have to take the time to relearn things you already know.

This lets you to take more advanced classes sooner, therefore helping you graduate sooner...AND each exam can be worth from 3 to 6 credits toward college courses.

Because there in not a national policy on ClEP, sometime it can be confusing because every college has its own policy on accepting CLEP.

By checking with the college you plan on attending, you can take the CLEPs that they accept, thus saving you a bundle of money.

 Determines Your Readiness for College

The CLEP test is made to show the college or university that the student has college level knowledge - enough to give them credit for the class. Make sure you know the policy of your college for CLEP exams.

I did a quick search for the College my son wants to attend. In doing so, I discovered that he can take "no more than 30 semester hours with up to 12 hours in one field and CLEP examinations must be completed prior to completing 24 semester hours of residential or online college credit." They also provided a chart to show the courses approved for credit.

Every Test is On the Computer

The exam is all multiple choice. Because the computer scores the exam, when you finish, you should know instantly whether you passed the course.

After the exam is finished an unofficial score report will be given which includes your total score on a scale of 20 to 80. You receive credit if you score 50 or above.


It is important to note that there is no difference between unanswered questions and questions answered wrong, so make sure you answer all the questions.

Many Resources Available to Prepare.

Many of the books and practice tests can be borrowed from the library.

Another great idea is to look at local support checking with your local home school community, you might find homeschool students currently studying for a CLEP test.

Downloading or purchasing reliable CLEP study material is another wise investment.

Save Money on Books and Tuition

Now, I do not know about you...but with my husband being a Pastor of a rural church and with having 9 children...I look for any ideas to save money! :)

With College tuition ranging from $100 to nearly $1,000 per credit (depending on the college you attend), and the average college text book costing upwards of $100, you can potentially save up to $10,000 in college tuition...receiving CLEP test credit could result in a big savings.

By comparison, the average CLEP preparation guide costs around $35, and the CLEP test costs 77$...the money saved is incredible!

 As a Homeschool Mom, You Still Have Control Over the Curriculum

One of the reasons why I homeschool is so I can teach my child the curriculum I choose. Why send them to a local college for dual credit when I have to pay for the class, the gas to get there, and the books for an entire semester...when I can have them easily take a CLEP test and use my curriculum?

By taking the time to do some research, you as the homeschool teacher can make sure the curriculum you have for high school covers the necessary material needed for your student to pass a CLEP test.

I would pick an easy subject (one they enjoy) to start. Passing that first CLEP successfully will give them the confidence boost needed to continue taking more tests.

ClEP Test Lightens the College Load

Students who take CLEP exams to earn credits are often able to lighten their course load during one or more semesters.

Many freshman entering college are overwhelmed with the difficult work load and can get discouraged by all the test, projects, and papers required of them.

By taking CLEP exams, you may not have to take as many classes that first year, making your college experience a little lighter and less overwhelming.

A CLEP Test Banks For Twenty Years

When you take a CLEP test, you can choose a school to which to send the credits, or they can be stored at the College Board’s credit bank where credits are kept on record for up to 20 years. Which means, if you put off college for a few years, your ClEP exams are still good.

CLEP Test Is Offered All Year Round

Studying for the ClEP as a summer class makes sence for the homeschooler...With Clep tests offered at over 1700 universities nationwide 5 days a week, even in the summer, it makes it perfect for the homechooler to find conveniently located testing centers.

Now are you ready to start a CLEP test?

Here is a CLEP exams guide from an experienced homeschool mom with 10 children -- 5 simple steps on getting started using CLEP exams for high school and college credit.

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