Creating Homeschool Transcripts

Wondering how to make homeschool transcripts? Follow this easy step by step guide for creating your homeschool high school transcript!

How important are Transcripts? Are they hard to make? Do I have to keep them for my records? Are they hard to make?

I have have heard all of these questions from homeschool moms just like you!

Every home-educating program must complete a transcript and diploma for its graduating students whether or not they are considering college enrollment.

If your child's current post-high school plans do not include college, resist the urge to ignore record keeping for homeschool transcripts. Learn more about Homeschool Record Keeping!

homeschool trasncripts

Include All the Following In Your Homeschool Transcript

  • Name of student, homeschool name, address, and phone number.
  • List courses -by year- such as English 1, Algebra, Biology, etc..
  • Dual enrollment/honors classes
  • Grades (either letter or number) List semester grades and end of year totals
  • GPA (grade point average)
  • Credits - list per semester and cumulative
  • Grading Scale you used
  • PSAT/SAT scores and/or ACT scores as well as any state proficiency exams
  • Graduation date of your high school teen
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Areas of your child's interests- accomplishments, awards, leadership, travel
  • Parent signature dated

NOW...Are you ready to make your own transcript?

It really is not as difficult as it sounds to make highschool transcripts!! Believe me! I have nine children and not alot of time, BUT, because I keep records of my highschoolers grades, it is not as hard to put it all in their transcripts!

Download your Free Homeschool High School Transcript here

Benefits Of Keeping Transcripts:

Good Driver Discounts on Insurance

Use as his/her report card. Most insurance companies grant a discount to young drivers who maintain a B-average.

Employer Screening and Security Clearance

Many employers request high school transcripts to document skills and background that will be valuable in their workplace. A employer might require the high school transcript as a form of security clearance that your teen is the person he claims to be.

Eliminates the requirement of a GED

“General Educational Development Test" was first created for GI's. Now many young adults take this test to show their achievement of equivalent high school mastery after dropping out of their school responsibilities as teens.

Some home educators have used this tool to avoid the high school record keeping responsibilities that are attached to the compulsory attendance laws in every state.

Needed for College Entrance

Colleges and other post-high school institutions generally require a transcript from your child in order to consider him for admission.

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