Homeschool Diplomas Templates

Homeschool diplomas are records of your child's completion of his studies.If you're wondering whether your homeschooled student can receive a diploma, the answer is yes!

A diploma certifies your homeschooler has successfully completed a secondary education. Although a high school diploma is not as important as the transcripts, all high schoolers want and should have a diploma to prove their accomplishment of finishing high school!

I recommend giving a homeschool graduate a diploma.

The Importance of a High School Diploma

It is important to give your children a high school diploma. High school graduation is an important time in a students life with transitions to college or employment.

A diploma is more than a piece of paper. It’s a right of passage into the adult world. Plus, your children deserve the right to say “yes” on job applications that ask if they have a high school diploma!

Some parents opt for a GED instead of a diploma, but a person can get a GED without ever taking any real classes. Some colleges and employers may assume that the student did not finish high school and may look down on this.

If your student successfully finished high school, he deserves a diploma to prove it.

Your homeschool diploma is a real diploma. Some public and private schools are not accredited, but they provide real diplomas to their students.

3 Ways Your Student Can Get A Diploma

1. Download our Free Homeschool Diploma

free homeschool diploma

Download the 6x8

homeschool diplomas template

Download the 8.5 x11


After you download our diploma, you will see 4 blank lines...

  • Blank 1 is your student's name.
  • Blank 2 is the name of your school.
  • Blank 3 is the date of completion.
  • Blank 4 is the signature of both parents or witnesses who can verify to the student's high school completion.

2. Purchase a Homeschool Diploma

A blank diploma can be purchased from Products at Low Prices

It is not valid until it is signed by the person who can verify that the student has finished the high school classes.

Because you as the parent are the one who can verify that your son or daughter has finished the classes for school, you are the best one to sign the diploma.

Once you have printed the diploma, you can have it notarized to give it an official look.

3. Create your Own Diploma

  1. State that it is a high school diploma.
  2. Add the name of the student.
  3. Include wording that the student finished the program of secondary education that was required of him.
  4. Enter the signature of the person who knows the student finished the program. (Parent)
  5. Add the date it was issued or signed.
  6. Get it officially stamped or notarized.

If you create your own diploma, Homeschool Legal Defense suggests the following wording:

"This certifies that John Smith has completed the course of study prescribed for graduation by his parents, Joseph and Mary Smith (or by Smith Home School)

In testimony whereof, this diploma is conferred, and we have subscribed our names on the third day of the month of June, in the year 2010."

I think a High school diploma is important and necessary...and your high school student will probably agree as mine does! :)

You know the time is coming when your homeschooled teen will need a transcript. "Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschooler's Guide to High School Paperwork" is written for you! It's all you need to know about home school transcripts, high school diplomas, and simple record-keeping.

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