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Are you interested in Sonlight curriculum? Do you love to read aloud to your children? Would you like a homeschool curriculum based on great literature?

Then Sonlight homeschool curriculum might be right for you! Reading these Great reviews will help you figure out the Pros and cons of Sonlight curriculum.

This is a complete Christian home school curriculum based on great literature.

From Sonlight's web site:

"We believe that most children respond more positively to great literature than they do to textbooks. Books — quality books — can distill the wisdom of an entire life into the span of a few pages."

"Once a good book grabs your child's attention, you'll find that the educational process becomes relatively painless — because your child will actually want to read"!

Sonlight Curriculum Reviews

To follow Sonlight's suggestions you will need:

One core package for your family which includes:

  1. instructor's guides with lesson plans and notes for each week
  2. literature for the study of history
  3. readers for the students to read on their own
  4. read-alouds
  5. biographies
  6. historical fiction
  7. non-fiction

One science program for your family

One math program for your child...Sonlight has several curriculums to choose.

Language/English for each child

  1. instructor's guides with lesson plans and notes for each week
  2. literature for the study of history
  3. readers for the students to read on their own
  4. read-alouds
  5. biographies
  6. historical fiction
  7. non-fiction

Easy to Order a Complete Curriculum Set

An easy and simple order is the Complete Curriculum in one quick order.Your entire curriculum for the year.
  1. Daily lesson plans for the entire year.
  2. A Core Program that integrates History, Geography, Bible, Language Arts, Readers and Read-Alouds.
  3. Math and Science.
All your lesson plans are done! Discover Sonlight’s complete homeschool curriculum packages.


  • K-12 program that is grade-based.
  • Sonlight calls them "cores".
  • Literature-based, with Newberry award winners, classic literature, and other historical fiction.
  • Core programs include History, Read-Alouds, Readers, and Bible.
  • Science, Math, and Electives are not a part of the core program, but are available separately.
  • The Language Arts assignments go with the history readings.
  • Includes instructor's guides with a structured lesson plan.
  • Complete 180-day schedules, giving you a detailed outline of what your child should do.
  • Read-alouds are an important part of the Sonlight's learning process.
  • Christian Bible, centered curriculum
  • The price varies from $500-$900, depending on what type of curriculum package you buy.
  • Most books are non-consumable, which can be used in future years with other children.


  • Not for everyone.
  • There is lack of activity sheets or evaluations for literature and history.
  • Sonlight does not offer evaluations such as tests and quizzes.
  • It may be difficult for large families to teach different ages.

You might like Sonlight Preschool Curriculum as well... Preschool is enjoyed by just cuddling and reading on mother's lap.

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