Do you want to home school preschool? Homeschooling preschool can be one of the most rewarding experiences.

As I was folding laundry, my little girl lunged at me with her arms outstretched. I was engulfed by a huge hug from my four year old, Serenity.

"I love you sooo much," she said, as I was given a huge hug. As suddenly as she had appeared, she was gone. Looking up, I noticed she had returned to her desk to finish her numbers.

THAT is why I love to home school preschool!

8 Tips To Homeschool Preschool

  • Start the day with reading a Bible story. This will turn both of your minds to the best starting place.
  • Listen to good preschool songs and music and sing, sing, sing through out the day. It has a calming effect on our minds, but especially preschoolers.
  • Are you having behavior problems? Try rewarding good behavior with our behavior chart.

  • Teach age appropriate chores by using our preschool chore charts. Work can be taught to be fun. Are you having trouble potty training?
  • Try the potty tips and potty charts that worked for my children.
  • Fun preschool arts and crafts will round out your day. Here your preschooler will learn to use all their senses to discover new ideas.

  • Read,read,read! Snuggle up with you preschooler and read to her. Studies have shown that a child read to before preschool has an easier time learning later on.

You Are The Best Teacher!

Every mother wants the best for her preschooler. More and more society is pushing that our two, three, and four years olds go to preschool.

Mothers are being told preschoolers need a "prepared" education to give preschoolers that extra boost before they start school. But is that necessary?

It is a known and studied fact that a child's brain is making connections that will last their entire lives. It is also true that their environment influences their emotional development and brain development because of the fast brain grown in the years from 0-5.

But the answer is NOT the best preschool out there! The answer is for you to be the BEST MOTHER out there.

Sometimes preschool can just be taught with creative preschool curriculum ideas.

Look at these Preschool Daily Schedules! to help you organise your day with your preschoolers.

God gave each mother a wonderful responsibility to train and raise each of our little preschoolers to grow up to be men and women who serve God and others. What a privilege to be able to home school preschool during this most formidable time.

Each one of my children had a great home school preschool experience...being with me their mother. You have all the tools you need to start homeschooling your preschoolers now by just being you...the best mom!

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