Homeschool High School
Transcript  Template

How was I supposed to keep a homeschool high school transcript and where could I get them?

When my son entered our homeschool high school I had no idea about grades, transcripts, or record keeping. I did a lot a reading and then came up with a professional homeschool transcript for homeschool high school!

Use our homeschool transcript template to easily create your own professional transcripts for your high school students.

My favorite part? It's free! :)

Download our Free
Homeschool High School Transcript Template

Our Free Transcript Includes:

  • Complete high school achievement and attendance record for all four years
  • Customize the transcript to your family
  • Subjects, grades, credits and GPA by term and year
  • Unit summary, standardized test and ACT sections
  • Organized, professional look
  • Easy to use-- open in Microsoft Word or Open Office, type all your information in, calculates GPA for you, and then print.
free homeschool high school transcript

Download your free highschool transcript here!

A homeschool high school transcript it vitally important for your students future after high school.

After much research and asking a lot of questions, I came up with 6 reasons why it is really important to keep a homeschool transcript.

Difference Between Accredited Transcript and Official Home School Transcript:

Just as homeschool credits are official, a homeschool transcript is official.

However, homeschool transcripts are usually NOT accredited. 

Homeschoolers do not have to pay for the word "accredited" when their own homeschool transcript is official.

There are some schools that are not accredited, just like homeschools are not accredited.

Many private Christian schools are not accredited, yet they still give out official transcripts for students to get into college.

Independent homeschool transcripts may not be accredited, but they are official when you act within your state law.

Want to Learn more about Transcripts?

I learned very quickly why it is really important to keep a homeschool transcript.

Here is an easy step by step guide for creating a transcript right here at your fingertips: Tips on Creating Your own Homeschool Transcripts. 

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