Review of Abeka Curriculum

by Math teacher & Homeschool mom

I am a certified math teacher and taught all math courses from Pre-Algebra up through AP Calculus AB. I had the opportunity to select math curriculum for our school and was very disappointed with Abeka. I have also examined the elementary math curriculum that Abeka produces. Here is my synopsis:

Accelerated curriculum


  • Teaches for memorization (rather than for understanding)
  • Creates their own jargon (rather than using universally used mathematical language)

  • Extremely difficult, drawn out explanations that could have been said much simpler, so very difficult for a homeschooler to use in the upper grades (9-12)

    Most of the above applies to the secondary math, but the elementary math is weak due to using their own jargon and to teaching for strictly memorization. Some things do need to be memorized in math, but there should be a balance between that and "discovering" truths, if you hope to develop that side of your child's brain.

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    May 19, 2010
    by: Cassandra

    Thank you for your evaluation of Abeka curriculum...excellent! :)

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