Abeka Homeschool Curriculum

Abeka homeschool curriculum is used by many of my friends because of the excellent foundation it supplies in their phonics program.

A Beka Book has a complete academic program for nursery (18–24 months) through grade 12. One of the greatest gifts parents can give their children is an excellent education. For many, homeschooling provides the best solution.

My first four children used the Abecka homeschool for least the first 2 years of school; it gave them a great head start in reading. A Beka Book materials work together to give a thorough, enjoyable, and highly teachable phonics approach to reading. Instruction is presented with short vowels, consonants, blends, one-vowel words, long vowels and the two-vowel rule, and special phonics sounds.

Three Programs Available for Abeka Homeschool Curriculum

Abeka homscchool curriculum

Online Video Streaming offers high-quality full-screen content without the need for DVD shipments. This is a traditional distance-learning program for students in kindergarten, elementary, and high school taught by quality teachers in your home

DVD format offers high-quality teaching for the entire year with a choice of Kindergarten - 12th grade on DVD. All grades and all subjects are taught to your child on DVD.

Traditional parent directed program gives you with all the A Beka Book student and teacher materials that you will need to teach an entire grade or course including textbooks, workbooks, class and homework assignments, and tests. They will even do report cards.

You are teacher in this option. A Beka book has over 800 textbooks and teaching aids you can use (K4-6th). The bible is used in all subjects. Complete child and parent kits are also available, or you can order items individually.

Pros of A Becka Homeschool Curriculum

The phonics is excellent, the math is well-done and challenging, and several readers use parts from McGuffy's and other older readers.

The daily lesson plans save valuable time in preparation, very structured and laid out for the teacher. They even tells you what to say sometimes. In some cases, it presents the new material in a way the child can more easily understand it.

All the work is done for me. It tells me exactly what to teach on each day, week after week and gives me the option to cut out or add anything I may or may not want to do, depending on our own family's preferences.

literature includes exerpts from classic writers even for the little one's.

Workpages are colorful and interesting.

It is completely centered around the Bible and the Creator in every subject in every thing you do. It teaches that God is the Creater of the universe, and everything in it, is the foundation for learning science.

This curriculum give an Outstanding foundation for phonics and math.

Cons of Abeka Homeschool

A huge problem is that A Beka requires a lot of memorization and recollection of facts and information and is weak on higher level thinking skills.

The provided lesson plans involve some outdated teaching methods. For most of the day, the students are required to sit silently at their desks and listen while the teacher is talking (DVDs) or they are working independently on workbook pages.

This program would not be for someone that wants to be a free spirit. I really think you have to commit yourself and create the classroom experience for your child for them to be successful with this program.

It seems more like a classroom in the home rather than a home learning environment.

Abeka is a very drill intense program.

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