Advantages of Homechooling - Early college and Success!

by Valerie Kulesa
(Maui, Hawaii)

Aloha, Although our children are now 28 & 35, 35, the merits of serious homeschooling shows itself over and over. One of our twin girls did not like homeschooling, so we sent her one of the top academic schools in Hawaii, HBA. She graduated with honors, has her AA, and works in a menial sales job. The other two (homeschooled) children both completed college (starting at age 15 years old), both with honors. The youngest is a pilot, works for Lockheed, and soon to be married to another college graduate. His older sister has had her own business since she was 16 and very successful in her field. We didn't belong to any umbrella association, so not sure their achievements are included in any of the statistical studies. Neither my husband nor myself were college educated at the time, but I will graduating with a BA (math major) next year.

The bonding with the homeschooled children is so wonderful. Since they all now live on the mainland, our son still calls his father at least once a week from the mainland, and both he and our homeschooled daughter text each other, and me, often.

We joined the homeschooling group in our area, which at that time numbered a little over 100 families (Windward Oahu) and kept them involved with the High school activities via this group.

Good Luck to all starting out and those continuing. Go with what your heart tells you is right!

Mahalo (Thank you)!

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