AOP Monarch Homeschool Curriculum Review

by LM

Product:AOP Monarch

Levels Used:Grade 7
Dates Used:2010-2011
Pros: Great Idea, my student likes most of it
Cons: Not enough testing, poor customer service

We used ABEKA for grades 3-6. My daughter wanted something different for middle school. I could deal with most of the MANY kinks they need to work out, if their customer service would even act like they cared.

We got an assignment one day for my daughter to read and do a book report on a novel.

The problem was is was due that same day! When I questioned them about it, they said we could just let it show as "past due" until she gets it finished.

That has been their attitude. When I question why they charged me full price when I feel like I am a "tester" they just say there is nothing they can do.

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