Benefits of Homeschooling from Rachel Age 11, Grade 6

by Rachel
(Cumberland, Ohio)

Fun day at the beach!

Fun day at the beach!

Hi, my name is Rachel Carr. I would like to share with you the benefits of home schooling.

I have been home schooled all my life, except since just recently. We thought we would try out public school. Well, it didn't work out the way we thought it would. Since I had been home schooled,I hadn't really thought about the benefits of homeschooling. Here are a few benefits that I have learned.

An important benefit is that at home school I don't have to worry about peer pressure. At public school, many of the kids tried to all act and dress the same. If other kids did not join along then they would be made fun of them.

I'm very thankful that I can have my family around as I am learning. It is so much easier to learn when there is not so much stress around me. I can smile and be myself!

Second, we get to spend more time at home with family. When we went to public school, we would go to school at 7:00 and be back at 3:30. We would not spend a lot of time at home with dad, mom, brothers and sisters. So this is a big benefit for home schooling!

Also, there is no homework! I have more time to learn how to cook, sew, read more books, and spend more time with my brothers and sisters.

Another thing I like about homeschooling is when you have an early start and you are diligent at it, you can get done early. It is nice to get done around 2:00 because you have the rest of the day to play on the tire swing and finish chores.

I love being home schooled!

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