Benefits to Homeschooling from Melody, age 12, grade 7

by Melody Joy

Me!! :)

Me!! :)

Hi, my name is Melody Joy and I am in 7th grade. My family started homeschooling when I was in 3rd grade. I really enjoy it! there many benefits to homeschooling according to me and I will share some with you.

First, there is no snow days! Most kids would think “What! No snow days!” but if you think about it, there are no days in the summer to make up. Also, if we have any plans on a school day, then we just take off on that day and do school on Saturday. (We take a day off on Thursday, because my daddy has his day off. We get to see him.)

Second, we get three home cooked meals a day! Mommy has time to get a fantastic breakfast ready, because we don't need to rush to school. Also, in between meals, when I am hungry, I am then allowed to have a snack.

Third, When I am cold I can wear my coat. One time I put on my gloves, my hat, and my scarf on, for fun. There is no dress code (except for clothes) telling me what to wear.

Fourth, I can go from one subject to another without the bell ringing for the next class. I also get done between one and two 'o ck pm. in school. I sometimes don't have any homework after school. I'm then free to do what ever I want! (After my chores are done.)

I really enjoyed sharing what I like about homeschooling.

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