Benefits to Homeschooling from Timothy, age 9, grade 4

by Timothy

I love the trampoline!!

I love the trampoline!!

Why I Like Homeschooling

First, I like homeschooling because it's fun. Some subjects I don't like. After I did them on homeschooling it was fun! Homeschooling is terrific. I think that after you watch your hard subjects you're love them!

Second, I usually sometimes get done with my classes and homework around 1:00. If I'm
diligent enough, maybe I'll get done around 12:30!

Next, My mom teaches me, if I need help, my mom is right there. If I ever need my mom, she'll be a few seconds away!

Finally, Homeschooling gives facts about God, His creation, His people, and His Son Christ Jesus?. Sometimes my mom will bring up a fact that goes along with the Bible and then we talk about, the verse that goes straight along with what she said.

Be a Christian Homeschooler!

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