Bob Jones Curriculum (DVD)

by Kay

I love the Bob Jones Curriculum for my children. I have several children, so the Bob Jones DVD's work great for me!


I love the fact that I can have my children taught by great Christian teachers, yet still be home and I can facilitate!

I love the full color curriculum, the puppets, songs, and skits that fill out the class to help my children understand the concepts better.

My elementary students like to start at 8:00 and go straight through till lunch...then they break and finish. Most of the time they are done by 1:00. I find it helpful to have them do their homework, right after watching the class.

Most classes in the elementary are 15-30 min long. The High school classes are 30-45 min long.

The best part about these DVDs are that the teacher is actually teaching to my opposed to a camera in the back of a large "traditional" classroom.

The cost is A WHOLE LOT CHEAPER than out local Christian school! Although it does seem higher than most curriculum. To me it is worth it because my children are getting a quality education with out me having to do teach a lot of multiple subjects that I am not good at.


It does take a little time to organize all the test and quizzes into notebooks for each grade...(I have several).

Many of the highschool classes have a lot of extra papers the teachers want me to print off of the computer. After it is printed and organized in a notebook for my child, it really is not that bad. It just takes time.

We love the Bob Jones DVDs

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