Cornerstone Curriculum
Making Math Meaningful

Cornerstone Curriculum, "Making Math Meaningful", was written by a homeschooling dad for homeschooling families.

The overall mission of this excellent homeschool math curriculum program is to teach children to reason, to understand math concepts, and to think mathematically.

Making Math Meaningful teaches your children to understand not only HOW to do math facts, but more importantly WHY and WHEN.

This helps the child learn math using thinking skill and not just treating the like a computer or calculator by being required to continually spit out answers without understanding the concepts.

This curriculum teaches children that they can understand math. It may not be your children's best subject, but as they learn to understand it, math will become more meaningful to them.

Many children say math is their favorite subject after using this curriculum. Give your children time to think about each math concept. Don't rush.

One of the reasons "Making Math Meaningful" in written in a  conversational style is for the parent and the child to spend time together learning these concepts together.

Pros of Cornerstone Curriculum

"Making Math Meaningful" - (K-6th grade, Algebra and Geometry) is a organized way of teaching math!

It lays the strong foundation for understanding math.

Every concept is a simply introduced conversation (which is provided for you) using math manipulatives.

Quality time can be spent talking about each math concept.

The activities are easy to do.

The lesson plans tell you exactly what you are to do and what you are to say.

Perfect for the busy mom.

Extremely easy to teach.

Each child has his own student workbook.

Levels K through 4th give you a written script to teach each concept and skill.

Levels 5th, 6th, Algebra are written directly to your child.

Theoretically, the material is written so thoroughly your child can easily teach himself.

There is no easier math manipulative program for mom!

You could purchase the curriculum here for lower!

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