Disadvantaged? Really?

by Social Homeschooler

I was public schooled through sixth grade, then homeschooled for the next five years. If anything, I became more outgoing and social. I learned how to relate to those outside my age group, and to answer questions from interested strangers about what it's like to homeschool.

My homeschooled friends and siblings have blossomed likewise, and are some of the most well-adjusted people I know. There have been studies that show homeschoolers to be better socially adjusted and more mature than their public-schooled peers.

The image of a homeschooling family as a group of introverts who stay at home all day with the door locked is extremely inaccurate. The homeschoolers I know are very active in groups outside their family: church, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, dance, sports, you name it!

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