Disadvantages of Homeschooling: Lots of homeschooled kids have much better social skills than unhomeschooled kids!

by Janel

My children are homeschooled, and they are the friendliest, most well-adjusted kids I know!

They can socialize with anyone of any age, and regularly do.

Just last night I got to watch them interact with an older couple of another culture and language, and was so proud of their skills.

I was recently at a party for middle aged boys from a very expensive private school, and I COULD NOT believe how incredibly lacking they were in social skills.

They couldn't take their eyes off one screen or another, I didn't hear one child say thank you to the hostess for the wonderful party, they were rude to each other as well as to the adults (whom they basically ignored), and they were extremely cliquish.

I feel the socialization argument against homeschool is VERY weak.

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Oct 09, 2017
by: Anonymous

I think your misunderstanding that socialisation is not just meeting and talking to people. Because your right every homeschooler I know, including myself is more adept at meeting and chatting with wider varieties of ages and types of people! But socialisation is ambiguous term, homeschoolers can be plopped down in any group on Earth and chat with anyone, but the social cues and mores of day to day American Life that effect us long-term? Are a lifetime struggle. Just like puppies that aren't raised in litters, of course we are friendly, but have to learn social boundaries the same way those puppies do. The hard way, sometimes violent way. I'm a stranger to no man, but also I can't keep a friend or circle for more then a year, been assaulted more then a few times, and reflecting on those altercations I realized I provoked most of it by unusual and unacceptable behavior that at home, or in a homeschool group of friends might be tolerated, but not on the street. School children bully and box each other for a reason, might seem like heathens but it regulates behavior to prepare them for a world where you can't just do whatever you wish.

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