Discouraged in Ohio

by Kristi
(Medina County, Ohio)

This is my first year homeschooling our 4th grader and preschooler. We also have an older 6th grader in public school as well as a two-year-old. I find myself feeling stressed out and I don't like the negative emotions I'm feeling to affect my kids. I wonder, what good am I doing them to protect them from bad influences, if I'm yelling alot? How common are symptoms of depression in homeschool moms?

Homeschooling can be difficult...and it is not necessarily for everyone. However, before giving up, try these three ideas:

1. Try to find some other homeschooling moms so you can get together to encourage one another... maybe in your church or a local homeschool organization.

2. Structure your day earlier to get your schooling done before noon, so you can can have some quiet time in the afternoon when your two year old is napping. This always helps me with my sanity! :)

3. If you are most stressed out by preparing and teaching your child, I would recommend you find a good DVD program or online distance learning to help you homeschool your fourth grader.

I have 9 children, so I can understand the difficulties of homeshooling. :) I use the Bob Jones Press distance learning. Call 740-261-6363 for more information...or look at this page for more information.

Praying for you,


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Aug 10, 2014
Be encouraged...
by: Melanie

...screaming Moms phew ...yes I'm one of them. Do not get discouraged. There are many many homeschool Moms that sometimes loose patience. I have been tested to be the complete wrong profile to homeschool and yet my emotional, physical and intellectual investment that I am offering to my kids are still more than what could be offered elsewhere. Am I going it alone....certainly not seeing as I am an external processor that tends to bounce ideas off other people rather than internally making decisions. Get a fellow mom to share frustrations with. Pray for a red flag to wave before your eyes when you loose patience and step back as soon as you see it. Before you know it, it becomes a conscious decision not to loose it. Practice...practice ....practice and learn what it means to be patient and mercifull to yourself first before setting the bar too high for your expectation of yourself with your kids. Have grace with your failed moments and you will have grace with your kids' failed moments. If the only thing you and your children learn in this homeschool year is mercy and grace, then you have reached the very heart of God for all of you. Also remember that introducing new concepts sometimes takes time to sink in and it is many a time best to reinforce and repeat work already done or teach the same thing in a different way before moving on. It's one of the great perks of homeschooling...you get to choose when your kids is ready for more.

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