Five in a Row
Homeschool Curriculum Review

Five in a Row, created by Jane Claire Lambert, is a great literature based unit study homeschool curriculum that pulls lessons from classic children's literature.

In this literature based unit study for ages 4-8, you will read a book for every day for five days and each day you will do different lessons and learning activities related to the story.

According to the web site  "Together, the four volumes provide 70 unit plans covering Social Studies, Language, Art, Applied Math, and Science in a way that causes children to fall in love with learning."

How does this Homeschool Curriculum work?

You and your child read a book for 5 days "in a row"...then teach a different subject.

Monday: Start with social studies. history, geography and discussions on different culture are taught from the story you’ve just read.

Tuesday: learning comes from the punctuation, vocabulary, literary devices, creative writing of the story.

Wednesday: The art curriculum has you looking at the illustrator’s techniques, style and use of materials with lots of hands-on art lessons for early learners.

Thursday: The child learns math concepts found in the story... counting, grouping, measurements, simple geometric shapes.

Friday: Science is learned together with activities about weather, astronomy, biology, physics, and chemistry.


  1. Able to teach with as little as five minutes of preparation time.
  2. Pronunciation guides are provided for foreign words or phrases.
  3. Background information on history, geography, art and science lessons, facts, figures is organized for you.
  4. Activity suggestions for a wonderful variety of hands-on learning experiences are created.
  5. Great for visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners.

This curriculum is not just for ages 4-8! Now they offer the same great Literature based unit studies for preschool (Before ), for upper elementary grades (Beyond Five in a Row), and for students ages 12 and up (Above and Beyond Five in Row).

Allowing your child to come together on the couch with you, read a great children's story, and learn from it too sound to good to be true! :)

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