Happy parents!

by Hector

We are on our second year with Monarch AOP. I can only say good things about this program. We started homeschooling 3 years ago and before Monarch we were using a book based curriculum and it was difficult to follow. There was not a set schedule,grading would be up to the parent.

With Monarch the student and the parent have a very clear road map, schedule (that can be modified according to the needs), daily automatic grades (except for some questions that need to be reviewed and projects), complete record keeping. We use the daily grades to identify the areas were our children might be weak and overview them until they are understood. We then resubmit questions and they get a better grade. With quizzes and tests you can submit alternate ones to reinforce their learning. Printing daily, weekly and end of unit reports helps them stay engaged and encouraged as they know were they are in terms if learning and grades.

We supplement their weekly schedule with sports. (Gymnastics) Overall they are very happy as well!!

Thanks AOP.

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