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Home Art Studio was created by Lindsy Volin a certified art instructor and Mother of two.

In this DVD based homeschool art curriculum grades K-5th are divided up by grade level into easy-to-use and entertaining DVDs with an average of 22 lessons per year.

Each grade level includes enough lessons to last an entire school year, step-by-step lesson plans for each project, an extra special theme based “adventure” in the DVDs, materials list, tips for parents, and vocabulary!

With 18 projects on each Home Art Studio DVD, your child learns about the elements and principles of art exactly gears to their art.

Although they sell a complete supply kit, you could download the supply list and shop locally...it is really what works best for you. Currently the price is amazing...29.99 per grade!

home art studio

Kindergarden-5th grade
Home Art Studio

195435: Home Art Studio on DVD & DVD-ROM: Kindergarten DVD & DVD-ROM: Kindergarten
By Lindsey Volin
  • Theme is set in Piedmont Wildlife Center.
  • Learns to Identify and draw different kinds of lines.
  • Creates patterns through repetition of lines and shapes.
  • Learns to recognize and draw geometric and organic shapes.
  • Learn to use art materials in a safe, responsible manner.
195442: Home Art Studio on DVD & DVD-ROM: 1st Grade DVD & DVD-ROM: 1st Grade
By Lindsey Volin
  • Theme is art from around the world!
  • Learn about the visual arts in past and present cultures.
  • Master art vocabulary and work in a variety of mediums.
  • Travel around the world, from Mexico to Australia, creating art!
  • Learn elements and principles, practice fine motor skills.
195459: Home Art Studio on DVD & DVD-ROM: 2nd Grade DVD & DVD-ROM: 2nd Grade
By Lindsey Volin
  • Adventure into the land of fairy tales from around the world.
  • Learn the principles and elements of art.
  • Learn pattern, overlapping, texture, and portraiture.
195466: Home Art Studio on DVD & DVD-ROM: 3rd Grade DVD & DVD-ROM: 3rd Grade
By Lindsey Volin
  • Theme for the year is “Be Creative”.
  • Encourages children to express themselves creatively through their art.
  • learn the principles and elements of art.
  • Light and shadow, tint and shade, overlapping, texture, and perspective.
  • Learn about art appreciation through analysis of famous pieces of work.
195541: Home Art Studio on DVD & DVD-ROM: 4th Grade DVD & DVD-ROM: 4th Grade
By Lindsey Volin
  • Theme is Adventures in Art!
  • Take a trip to a working artist’s studio.
  • Teaches radial design and one point perspective drawing
  • Learn how to add shadows and highlighting to create realistic images.
195558: Home Art Studio on DVD & DVD-ROM: 5th Grade DVD & DVD-ROM: 5th Grade
By Lindsey Volin
  • Theme is A Journey Under the Sea!
  • Reinforces previously learned skills.
  • Builds up new art principles and concepts.
  • Learns sketching, painting, sculpting, and printmaking.
  • Visit a professional artist’s studio and an aquarium!

Homeschool art is one of those homeschool subjects that can easily be overlooked...Home Art Studio is an inexpensive great way to integrate art into your curriculum with out the hard work! :)

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