5 Reasons to Homeschool College
in High school

My son Joshua has started homeschool college as a homeschooling high school senior using the option of post secondary education and dual enrollment and now has 17 credits for college and has finished his credits for homeschooling high school at the same time.

He is looking at starting college as a 2nd semester freshman.

My other high school homeschool girls are looking at starting college as Sophomores when they graduate high school.

Did you know students coming from a home school graduated college at a higher rate than their peers­—66.7 percent compared to 57.5 percent—and earned higher grade point averages along the way, according to a study that compared students at one doctoral university from 2004-2009?

Young adults now have a world of ways to earn a college diploma—from correspondence schools to online degrees and "college at home."

Are you a high school student who wants to get a head start on college? Post-Secondary Education in high school is designed to provide extremely motivated and accomplished high school students with access to college-level coursework.

As a bonus, the homeschool college courses you take through PSE may also fulfill your high school graduation requirements.

homeschool college

1. Cut college costs by taking college-level classes in high school

In some cases, high school students can use online college courses to lower their overall higher education spending.

For example, students who plan on attending four-year institutions after high school can save money by taking online courses from community colleges, which typically charge lower tuition.

Students can then transfer their community college credits to their four-year school.

My oldest son, for example, was able to take online college courses through his college choice for half the tuition – an option that allows students to simultaneously earn high school and college credit.

In doing this he has 17 credits for college as a high school senior. This has saved him over $16,000!

2. Taking college level classes can cut your homeschool cost

Many politicians and school officials have embraced the post secondary education in highschool programs as a way to help students.

For example in my state of Ohio, The PSEO program pays for dual enrollment college courses at participating Ohio institutions of higher learning.

Accordingto HSLDA, Homeschooling families who wish to participate in the PSEO program must notify the Department of Education by April 1 of the year prior in which they plan to participate. 

I'm looking forward to utilizing this program for my 3 teenage girls through an online christian university in Ohio.

This gives my girls free online colleges classes as well as free online highschool classes, giving them dual credit for high school and college: this is a win -win for us!

According to US News "We know that participation in dual enrollment is increasing," says Melinda Karp, a senior research associate at the Community College Research Center at Columbia University's Teachers College. "All but four states have policies addressing it."

3.College homeschool classes in high school can help assess college readiness.

Taking college classes in high school can let you now if your child is ready for college-level classes.

I was very very relieved when my son received a A in his Comp I class. It proved to me and him that he is ready for college.

Taking college classes gives students a glimpse of what college level classes look like.

Post Secondary Education is intended for students who wish to gain skills or knowledge that can only be found in college-level courses.

It can also help you see what it's like to take college-level courses, strive toward advanced academic goals, and take classes with students from all walks of life and being accountable for their studies.

4. College classes give your homeschool student an educational challenge.

When your child takes homeschool college classes the courses are taught at the college level and regional accreditation makes courses transferable to other colleges.

Most courses can be counted toward high school graduation requirements. What I did for my son's classes is I gave one-half unit of high school credit for one- or two-credit college courses and one unit of high school credit for three- or four-credit courses.

5.Take 101 classes that are college/high school equivalent

College Credit

English Composition I

English Composition II

Fundamentals of Public Speaking

  US History 1 & US History 2

National Government

College Math

Calculus I (16 week)

College Algebra

Concepts in Chemisty

Concepts of Physics

Old Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

Music Appreciation, Intro to Music Technology, Personal and Community Health, Computer Applications Seminar, Microsoft Excel

High School Credit

Junior English

Senior English


Honors U.S. History- 2 elective credits

American Government

Third Math Credit


Algebra II



Junior/Senior Bible

Elective Half Credits

Now days your high school student can get college credit easily in high school. Homeschool college while homeschooling high school is more and more looking like the best option to get that jump start in college.

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