Love Monarch 2011

We just started using the Monarch 2011 online courses last week when we decided to pull our kids from public school 5 weeks in.

We are currently using the 4th and 8th grade levels of Math, Science, Health, Literature, History and Geography.

So far, it seems to be great. It is a lot like what our 12 grader is doing with taking a full year of college courses from a Christian college online while also taking a couple of classes at the high school to finish his senior year. The grading, calendar, etc. are all done for you by what you type in.

You are the master controller of your own kids education, so even though you have things planned on the calendar automatically by when you type in the beginning date and end date of the school year, you can manipulate it to fit what your family needs without feeling like you are falling behind because you are the teacher.

I also love the feature that you can go back and give your kids another try at their quizzes if they don't do so well. Even though grades are important, it is more important to see that they learn what they are doing by repetition if need be to repeat a quiz or find the wrong answers and correct them.

In the public school systems, they don't have the time to individually work with a student if they don't process it right away.
They just move on.

I love the concept of this program.

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