Monarch Web-based Home School Curriculum

I've used monarch to teach grades 4, 5, 7 & 8.

The curriculum is good. The content delivery has some kinks, however, they do continue to improve the product.

No question, being web-based, Monarch provides amazing flexibility that is a major bonus.

The content has errors and type-o's that can be irritating; I expect better editing to be done for curriculum.

The curriculum is definitely American-centric, so as a Canadian, I need to offset the History/Geography curriculum with Canadian studies. There is a lack overall, thus far, of modern world history & geography, so expect to have to augment this.

I have found the mathematics and language arts curriculum to be very good. The Bible curriculum is good as well.

For science, I have had to augment the curriculum with supplies for experiments. I think Monarch should provide these. However, there is a science supplies website in the US that sells the science kits that coordinate with the various Monarch science grade levels.

I would also note, that anyone engaging a child, particularly a young child, in an online curriculum needs to pay special attention to handwriting skills. This will suffer as a result of keyboarding as opposed to writing. So, expect to augment once again with a handwriting course, something like Handwriting without Tears is excellent.

Monarch, like any other curriculum, is not perfect, however, it keeps you in the driver's seat of your child's education and results in such flexible possibilities for school time, I love it.

I would recommend it, you need to augment it, how you would with any other curriculum to make it fit your child's needs. It creates independent learners and thinkers.

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