Mystery of History



The Mystery of History, Volumes I, II, and III of a projected four-volume series, are a great history resource for homeschoolers. The Author Linda Hobar, with a classical approach, takes the world's story and weaves it together with Bible history in Volume I.

The other volumes continue to weave the message of the Gospel through the ages. The Mystery of History is written as a narrative - you can read it or listen to her read it. Students and parents can create their own time line to visually see how the historical events fit together.

Each volume is as simple or complex as the parent wants it to be. My children loved this curriculum. The test and quizzes are in the book, so I just copied as many as I needed. At the end of each chapter are questions and projects for students of younger, middle and older to do based on each students ability.

Mystery of History

Titles for the four volumes are:

  • Volume I: Creation to the Resurrection

  • Volume II: The Early Church and the Middle Ages (A.D. 30-1460)

  • Volume III: The Renaissance, Reformation, and the Growth of Nations (1455-1707)

  • Volume IV:not yet titled (1708-the present)

How Mystery of History Works

Lessons are divided into four quarters for two semesters that begin with "Around the world" background and introductory information with a pretest which sparks interest.

Three lessons follow...then you choose an activity for each child to complete. An activity is given for each of three levels.

Field trip suggestions are sometimes included at the end of the three lessons as well as times lines, maps, and a review quizzes.

We did three days of lessons with their activities, a fourth day for time line, map work, and quiz, and a fifth day for a field trip or focus on other subjects.

What I bought:

  1. One big book (detachable, reproducible pages)

  2. The Audio CDs (audio book of the lessons)
  3. One CD of printables (maps...)


  • Combines Biblical history and secular history in one time line. Bible-centered, multi-level, with hands-on activity covers what was oing on in History in other parts of the world through a 'Bible time-line'.

  • It can be adapted for all ages and/or used as a guide with other materials.

  • Emphasizing understanding how events and people fit together, rather than memorizing names, dates and places that could simply be looked up later.

  • You can also copy any consumable pages for your family, which reduces the per-student cost.

  • You can purchase a set of 8 audio CDs read by the author to the accompaniment background music


  • Some found the curriculum great for 1-5th , but not challenging enough for older children.

  • The one down-side is that it is soft-cover, and will receive heavy use. I covered mine for longer wear.

  • I really can not think of any other cons!! :)

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