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Quoting from their Saxon's web site:

Saxon Math Home School is the nation’s most comprehensive and most thoroughly researched homeschool math program, with more than 30 years of proven success.

Saxon home school mathematics for grades K–12 is based on the teaching principles of incremental development, continual practice and review, and cumulative assessment.

Saxon Math K-3rd Grade

  • Kit contains -

    • Student Workbook (two books, practice pages, lesson masters, assessments, and fact sheets) and Fact Cards.
    • Teacher's Manual (a spiral-bound book with 112 lessons in kindergarten and 140 lessons in third grade)
    • Meeting Book (a consumable book used at the beginning of the day)
  • Teaches basic arithmetic concepts, geometry, patterns, time, and more.

  • Each lesson is scripted for the help make teaching easier and to help as the right questions.

  • Uses easy Manipulatives and worksheets to review.

  • Manipulatives are available in one kit that can be used for all four years.

    Saxon Math Middle Grades:

  • Kit contains -

    • Student textbook - 120 lessons and 12 investigations,
    • Tests and Worksheets Booklet - includes tests and fact practice worksheets.
    • Solutions Manual -step-by-step solutions to all lessons, investigations, and test questions

  • Moves students from primary math to algebra.

  • Transitions students from manipulatives and worksheets to a textbook.

  • Emphasizes developing algebraic reasoning and geometric concepts.

  • A new concept is introduced and a review of previous concepts.

  • Solutions Manual gives step-by-step solutions for all problems in the book.

  • CD-ROM supplement offers lesson instruction videos and video problem solutions.

    Saxon Math High School

  • College Prep

  • Offers a textbook, tests, and a Solutions Manual.

  • Kit includes textbook and Homeschool Packet (with test forms, textbook answers, and test answers), and a Solutions Manual.

  • Kits are available for Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Advanced Math, and Calculus.

  • CD-ROM offers lesson instruction videos and video problem solutions for Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Advanced Math.

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