by Sandy

My three boys (all teens now) have been homeschooled for at least half of their years. The one who has ONLY been homeschooled (now 13) is the MOST outgoing. I also have a more quiet son and then another more extroverted son.

My point is this: a person's innate personality is there from a very young age, before you even start homeschooling! I know all sorts of introverted kids that attend public schools- because this is their innate personality!

Having said this, I do believe boys especially need to taught when they are older as much as possible by other MEN. We have allowed our kids to take a few classes part time at a Christian school in high school. By the way, the education there is not better at all! Taking band and a foreign language has been a good fit for us though.

Remember, homeschooling is not perfect! However, I have had kids in public and private schools too and I'll still take homeschooling! Remember to think LONG TERM! They will be in college soon so don't give up!

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Sep 07, 2013
Some of us are just shy :)
by: Sarah

I have two sons that have been homeschooled from the beginning. One is very outgoing and one is quite shy.

People often tend to blame homeschooling for my older son's shyness, but never praise homeschooling for my younger son's gregarious personality.

It seems a little lopsided to me! :) I always try to tell people that it isn't a crime to be shy!

I went to public school my entire young life and I was shy every minute of it. I try to encourage my shy child to be more assertive and he has made lots of progress.

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