Socialization...An Imagined Problem

A lot of people are always arguing that socialization is a reason that you should not homeschool your children.

They say that homeschooled children turn out to be awkward freaks.

First, that does not need be the case. Many, many students have been homeschooled and show no signs of it socially! They are perfectly normal.

Secondly, Has anyone noticed that the public school system also produces awkward freaks???
There are plenty of children who are educated in brick and mortar schools who struggle with "socialization".

Before you make ignorant comments about homeschoolers based on unscientific anecdotal evidence, do the research!

There are lots of scientific studies proving that in general homeschoolers don't have socialization problems, not to mention studies demonstrating superior academic excellence.

Having said that, there are some disadvantages to homeschooling such as

  • Extra stress on the mother or primary educator

  • Need for extra financial outlays beyond what you pay in tax for public school.

  • Need for vigilance to ensure students are excelling and reaching academic standards

  • Willingness to get help and do research when necessary

  • Less access to fancy resources- such as science labs and computer technology

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