Some Homeschool Children Lose What Reality Is

by Terry
(Las Vegas, California)

We have had 3 children in home school. So far one has graduated. It is our daughter, she had straight A's and went on to a very good school although because she though we wronged her in some way would not listen to us in any choice in colleges.

She got a perfect school on the California Exit Exam, and since we live in CA, we wanted her to go to a California school. She is now in her 2nd semester and has not come how once to see us. Instead, she spends all her time with a boyfriend she met online.

Our younger high school student, currently a sophomore, although I think he is more like a freshman because since he left he has not been doing any work. He has left about a month ago this time and the time before will over a month with an Internet girlfriend who lives in Oregon.

Both she and her mom are illegal and I have no clue what work he does there if any. We are trying to get him to come home but he just turned 16 last week and someone has convinced him that he is an adult.

I think if we had left him in normal school he would not resent us and he would have found a girl in his school like everyone else does.

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Dec 13, 2016
This does not apply to all children
by: Anonymous

Homeschooling can be a great foundation for children. I don't know why your children are so resentful for being homeschooled, but there seems to be another problem. Along with prayer, try to be more reflective. Why are they really so resentful?

Nov 10, 2016
God bless!
by: Anonymous

Prayer is the Answer. God answers those who fear him and are reverent. Believe and he will answer.

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