Sonlight Preschool

by Linda Rose
(Muncie, IN )

Product: P4/5 Explore God's World by Sonlight

Subjects: This complete curriculum includes: world cultures, read alouds, Bible, language arts, science, and readiness skills.

This is my very favorite preschool curriculum...and it is the favorite curriculum of my children, too! The literature is very pleasant to read out loud. Even my older children will sit and listen in.

The older ones often take these books to bed at night to read before going to sleep. Many of the stories have become treasured favorites and have been read over and over.

Sonlight also has many levels available for all ages and grades, but preschool is our favorite! There is also a new preschool package available for ages 3-4 which looks like lots of fun.


  • The 4 little workbooks called "Developing the Early Learner" are excellent and fun for the kids while they develop those important hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills, and visual perception.

  • Very flexible.

  • Can be used for a variety of grades, preschool, kindergarten, even first grade. This way you can combine multiple kids in your family, which makes teaching them easier.

  • Helps to build awareness of different cultures from around the world.

  • You are purchasing books that will become part of your family library and will be treasured for years to come.

  • Sonlight offers a love to learn can try the curriculum for 18 weeks and if your kids don't love to learn you can return if for a refund.

  • Free shipping on core purchases + 10% off all purchases for a year.

    Gentle introduction to God's world and leaves plenty of time for snuggling on the couch reading and actively exploring and enjoying God's world.


  • Sonlight tends to be a tad more expensive than other preschool curriculum.

  • You will need to add a math and phonics program if you want to use this for a kindergartener or first grader.

  • This program will take your time commitment as you read each story out loud and then discuss it with your children.

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