SOS is great so far!

by Marcie Hawkins
(Bermuda Dunes, CA)

Product:Switched On Schoolhouse

Subject: 5 subject set
Levels Used:(4th grade)
Dates Used: 2011-2012

Pros: So far we love the program! This is our first year with Switched on Schoolhouse. I love the fact that it's "student directed" and I don't have to hover over my son as he works.

He does it all on his own, and will grab me when he needs my help. He can even write me a note on the message center if I'm not available and I can log on to the teacher program (that's included) to see what my son is having problems with.

Teaching my other two sons who are Kinder and 1st requires most of my attention, so this works out super!

I use SOS to keep track of my other two boys' attendance records even though they aren't doing SOS. Also, I love that SOS checks for updates everytime you log on. So, the curriculum is always up to date!

Cons: They don't offer curriculum for Kindergarden through 2nd grade!

I would've loved to put my other two boys on SOS as well, but the great thing is that they will eventually use SOS starting in the 3rd grade.

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