Time4Learning --A Review

by Linda

Product: Time4Learning

Subject: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

Used: 1st thru 9th

Dates Used: 2006-Current (2014)

We have used Time4Learning since my daughter was in the middle of 1st grade. She has just entered 9th grade.

What I love about Time4Learning:

It is online, so I don't have to put up with a lot of stacks of books. We can do school anywhere we have computer and internet access. Through their scope and sequence all lessons are planned out and show me what she is expected to learn from the lesson presentation.

There is an assignment feature which allows me to make assignments ahead of time. Records are kept online providing the subject, lesson name, automatic scoring, time, and date that the lesson was completed. This record keeping is in a sortable format so that I can look only at the math from this week, or only the science quizzes to match my needs at the time.

They have added more involved middle school sciences, updated the math curriculum, and added high school curriculum. There is also an art appreciation course available.

My daughter has actually taken the art appreciation course 3 times at different times in her education and she admits that she got something different out of it each time, depending on her age.

I like that the student has access to three different grade levels. For example, if she is signed up for 7th
grade, she would have access to the courses in 6th grade and in 8th grade. This is great flexibility that allows students to study at their own pace, moving ahead if they are able to, and having the opportunity to go back and review if they need to. I also like that there is no contract necessary.

Monthly payments are affordable. Over all the flexibility and thoroughness of the program have impressed me.

What my daughter loves about Time4Learning:

She likes the animated and engaging lessons. In elementary and middle school the "teacher" online is most likely a cartoon character.

In high school, lectures are often given by real people, but there are still some lectures given by animated characters. She likes having control over her schedule. If she feels like doing more math or (in my daughter's case)wants to move ahead in science she has that option. She likes that the majority of the work is online so that she doesn't have to do a lot of writing on paper. There are printable resources for students who need or want the workbook back up to the online lessons.


I do not have actual dislikes regarding the program. I would love to see more electives offered for high school students, perhaps a music appreciation course similar to the art appreciation course.

The biggest complaint that I had about the program was resolved when they added high school in 2013.

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Jun 20, 2016
Also looking for help deciding.
by: Ana

Like David posted several months back, we are looking at Monarch versus Time4learning. I'm surprised that there aren't more programs in this market. We have been using my father's world for years, but need something that is a little less parent involved so that I can focus on my other kids occasionally.

Feb 24, 2016
Time4Learning vs SOS/Monarch
by: David

We've been using Winter's Promise and Sonlight Curriculum over the past 3 years for our now 6th grader. But we're strongly considering an online curriculum like Time4Learning as it would allow my son to work more independently. We've been viewing the Time4Learning demos, but they don't look very well done. My son sat there with his head in his hands over the animated teachers and even the live ones with what he termed 'cringe-worthy" attempts to act like what kids would view as cool. Maybe our guy is just too used to sophisticated computer programs and video games that make this seem dated and amateurish. He then viewed the SOS / Monarch demo videos and seemed to like that MUCH better. My only reservation with Monarch / SOS comes from Cathy Duffy's tepid review. Any insights you can share are appreciated. Thanks!

Mar 18, 2014
T4L Review
by: Jackie

My situation is very similar to yours. My daughter used T4L starting in about 3rd grade. She only quit because the courses ended after 8th grade. Now that they offer high school courses, we are back.

I also wish they offered more electives like foreign language perhaps.

Thanks for sharing your great review.

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