Preschool Interlock Weaver Curriculum

Weaver Curriculum helps you teach your 3- to 6-year-olds at home. The Weaver Home School Curriculum is great for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Weaver Interlock is a preparatory program that gives preschool and kindergarten children a starting foundation.

Why this Preschool-Kindergarten Program?

The "building blocks" of this 37-week curriculum integrate Scripture, social studies, science, language, arithmetic, music, art, and physical education to help youngsters examine their world from a biblical viewpoint.

94601: The Weaver Curriculum: Interlock for Preschool and Kindergarten Interlock for Preschool and Kindergarten
By Alpha Omega Publications

It covers topics ranging from the Creation to the Flood. Taking Genesis 1-10 as its foundation, this preschool curriculum is a unit based preschool-Kindergarten curriculum that teaches social studies, science, language arts, math, health, art, physical education, memory work, and music.

For example, one day they might read Genesis 1:11--13; sing "He Plants Me Like a Seed"; pull weeds in the garden; and play the language arts game "Plant Concentration."

Pros of Weaver Interlock

  • This is very flexible program that you can add to or leave out material as you see fit.
  • It's a three day a week curriculum.
  • It is designed to be hands on.
  • Hands-on activities are centered on a common theme.
  • Unit study based...easy to teach more than one preschool or kindergarten child at time.
  • Dad can get involved by using A "Father's Devotional".

Cons of Weaver Interlock

  • Requires some planning.
  • Research is needed because the curriculum uses some resources that are not in the program.
  • This curriculum needs Math and a phonics program added for an older kindergartner.

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