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The Atelier Art Homeschool Curriculum is a complete DVD based art program that covers everything about art you want to know: artist appreciation, art history, multicultural art, and self expression.

This art curriculum teaches visual art visually! :) With 8 levels of instruction any child from ages 4-16 can learn art right in your home.

Why This Art Curriuclum?

When I first started homeschooling, art was one of those subjects that I really did not do anything of the reasons being was I was not very good at it.

On top of that, it always sounded like a lot a time that I just did not have ...not including the mess that art incurred! :)

Because I am not an artist and I do not have tons of time on my hands...:) This DVD program for art sounded very appealing.

This art program consists of DVDs, a parents manual, and an art appreciation program.

Lessons are presented on DVDs that are reinforced by lesson plans that explain the objectives, materials, techniques and procedures of each lesson and teaches line, color, shape, form, texture, pattern, and balance.

Choose your level


  1. One level can be used all the different ages levels in your home.
  2. The DVDs very clearly explain what to do.
  3. Most of the materials are inexpensive and can be purchased anywhere


  1. It can be expensive when purchased new.
  2. The DVDs are a little outdated, but the quality of the content is still good.
  3. Because of the expensive, if you only have one child you might want to find a Co-Op to share the cost.

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