Review of Atelier Art

by Bobbi Decker
(New Berlin, WI)

I have used the curriculum set that is appropriate for my 5 and 8 yr olds to use together. When I first watched the dvd, I thought they would find it boring, as the lady was gentle and soft-spoken and explained the project very thoroughly. My kids, however, were completely glued to her every word and did everything as she walked them through the lesson. They LOVED it and they loved the project (and the ones that followed). The dvd also shows the classroom of kids working along while nice music is played, and my kids enjoy that too. I'm completely sold on Atelier Art. The projects are wonderful and do indeed teach different techniques with a minimum of exotic material. I'm surprised and pleased with the artwork my kids have done. And for what you get, I do not think it is expensive at all. Worth every penny.

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