Chore Schedule

A chore schedule is important to have! Let me explain...

One morning, I woke up extremely sick, my older children, seeing the problem, followed our chore schedule and homeschooling schedules.

When I entered the real world later in the afternoon, I smelled supper cooking, the house was clean, and the children were finishing school.

Now, my children are by no means perfect...just ask those around us...

BUT on this particular day with age appropriate chores, they followed our household chore checklist and homeschool schedule and the house did not fall apart!! :)

Keeping the house running efficiently can be a problem, especially if you are homeschooling. If every member of the family works together, following a plan, life can run a little smoother!

Giving children a chore check list allows them to:

  1. Learn basic skills needed to run their own home
  2. Acquire Basic housekeeping skills
  3. At the same time, creating an atmosphere for great character building.

To keep chores from seeming monotonous, come up with a colorful chore schedule that can be viewed at a glance to help them remember things that need to be done around the house!!

5 Reasons Why a Chore Schedule Is So
Important for the Family.

  1. Teaches basic housekeeping skills.
  2. Creates an atmosphere for great character building.
  3. The work gets done without mom doing it all.
  4. At a glance everyone can see what needs to be done.
  5. The work gets spread out among many people, making more time for other FUN!!

Tips on Creating Your Chore List

chore schedule
  • List every chore possible that needs to be done in the home.
  • Take a piece of paper and divide it into fourths.
  • Label them as daily, weekly, monthly, or 2x year.
  • Going through each room, write down every chore you want done.
  • Place those chores in each of your categories.
  • Download your free downloadable household chore check-list (below) and think about what days it makes sense to do which tasks.
  • Now add the monthly chores, then the yearly...Make out a schedule for each member of my family, based on all the chores on the four lists.
Daily Weekly Monthly 2 x Yearly
Kitchen Dust Remove spots from carpet Change batteries in smoke alarm
Dishes Scrub tub and shower Scrub kitchen floor clean out stove
Counter Straighten one dresser Change light bulbs Hard to reach dusting
Table clean toy closet Make laundry Soap clean out kitchen cupboards
Chairs mop kitchen Make dishwasher soap Clean out Bathroom cupboards
Sweep floor mop bathrooms Clean Kitchen trash can Wash walls
Bathroom Clean window Straighten shed Wash blinds
Sink Clean mirrors Clean out storage rooms
Mirrors wipe kitchen cupboard Go through children's clothes
Counter clean refrigerator
Toilet Trash to curb
Floor clean and vacuum van
Trash Cans Mow
Vacuum living and bed rooms Sweep porch
Straighten bed Rooms
Pick up toys
Put away
Weed garden
Clean School area

Click on the Picture Below To
Download a Free Weekly Schedule Check List

weekly chore schedule

My Family Example Weekly Chore Chart

Sample Chore Checklist

If you follow your chore checklist, your house should run much smoother, be more clean, and the whole family will be happier!!

Believe me...with 11 people in out home from 10 months to 17...I would know!

Enjoy your Journey!

Cassandra 9 (Mom of 9)

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