Homeschooling Schedules

Coming up with the right homeschooling schedules can be a challenge for any homeschooling family.

Homeschool scheduling may seem like an impossibility...but it really is possible!

Any homeschooling family with more than one child knows the challenges of keeping baby from destroying the house in ten minutes during school hours!

Nursing babies, fussy babies, energetic toddlers.. what do you do with all of the little ones while teaching school?

KEEP READING, I can help!!!

homeschooling schedules

Sometimes, if you were to walk in my house you would see groceries needed to be put away, 10 loads of laundry needed to be folded, supper not on the table.

In fact, lunch is still on the table, babies crying, toys out, I am still in my pajamas, beds not made, and chaos reigning.

This has happened on more than one occasion at our home!

Does this sound like you? :)

On the other hand, on any given day, you could see the children set on our schedule, which keeps us all happy and moving along in a clean house, my 7 children doing school, all the laundry folded ready to be put away, my 3 year old napping, the 5 year old playing quietly, and supper in the crock pot ready for a family supper together.

Having a good Homeschooling schedule is not the easiest to attain. But can you do it?

YES!! because I have...and you can succeed too!!

We have set up a homeschooling schedule this year that will hopefully prove to be a either a success...or...a Zoo!!

For those of you who want a peak into my schedule...

Hold on...Are you ready?

Our Family Homeschooling Schedules

7:00 - Every one up, showered, and dressed to meet at the breakfast table for breakfast and prayer.

homeschooling schedules

ALL children clean up the kitchen. (Even my 3 year old helps).

Everyone has a special job. From clearing the plates, wiping the chairs, to filling the dishwasher. When everyone works together, the kitchen is clean in a matter of minutes!

Throughout the day the children have specific chores they are supposed to do. I set up a household chore schedule to help the house stay clean!

7:30 - All children 1st to 10th grade at their desks to start Bible reading and journaling.

I believe it is important that my children start out the morning with a personal time to read the bible...I have them journal about what they read or a private prayer to God.

7:45 - Start School

I have independent work ready for each child to do. They have a notebook with all the lessons they are supposed to do that day. At the start of the morning, all of the are working independently.


I straighten the upstairs (our class room is in the basement) and dress my 3 year old and 5 year old, throw a load in the washer, run the vacuum...etc...

My 3 and 5 year old stay with me and "help me". It keeps them out of trouble and teaches my preschoolers how to do chores like mommy.

Each of my other children have a binder with their assignments already laid out by subjects. These assignments are followed until each subject is completed and signed my me.

Elementary finish mostly by 1:00pm. The 7th-12 finish around 2:30-4:00pm. This includes all homework and most papers.

My children and I grade papers together. Follow our system of Homeschool record keeping so you don't fall behind!!

9:00am - Start my kindergartner on school and help all other children as we plod on...

This was triangle day

My 15 month old plays and gets into all of our work! :) I have a special basket of toys for her...but she would rather bother everyone!

12:00-1:00pm - Break for lunch and recess.

1:00pm - Nap and rest time for the 15 month old and kindergartner.

I feel it is important that my 5 year old gets some down time. Mostly she reads or plays quietly in her bed for one hour. Sometimes she falls asleep.

1:00pm - Autumn's music (violin)

2:00pm - Joshua's music (violin)

3:00-4:00pm - This is my quiet time! I try to find about an hour for silence or I will go crazy! :)

Usually this is in my room. I either nap, write, or read my Bible. The younger one are playing a quiet game in their room or napping and the older ones are finishing school.

4:00pm - Make supper; Children free time.

They usually spend it outside if its nice or playing in the basement.

5:30pm - Supper

6:30pm - Family devotions.

We try to have Bible reading and singing every evening. Sometime in the evening I check their Stuff to do Charts for how well they did their chores.

homeschool chore charts

My 8 years olds stuff to do chart.

7:00pm - Baths and Jammies for little ones.

7:30 - Bed time for 3 little ones.

8:30 - Bed time for next 2 middles.

9:00 - Bed time for oldest.

Some would think that I put my children to bed to soon. ..Yet, studies show how important sleep is for children and teens.  Plus I like to spend at least one hour alone with my husband to be able to talk obout the events of the day without everyone listening in! :)

One of the advantages of homeschooling is that earlier bed times are achieved so much easier. Of course, this does not include the times for church and other extra activities.

How About You?

There is no such thing as a typical homeschooling schedules. It varies so much from family to family, from one child to another, and from one year to another.

Sometimes having a Specific Preschool and Kindergarten Daily Schedule helps keeps the day smoother.

Create your own homeschooling schedule made just for you by using our Homechooling Schedule Guidelines!

Do you have a schedule you could share? What works best for your family?

Can you share your homeschooling schedule?

Do you have a great homeschooling schedule that works for you? Share it!

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