Christian Light Publications

Christian Light Publications Education is a complete homeschool curriculum for grades 1 through 12, including teacher materials, support items, and many high school electives.

Christian Light creates academically and morally sound materials that are Biblical fundamentals.

The Sunrise editions are designed for a variety of learning situations including homeschoolers.

If it is your goal for your child to learn practical knowledge from a Biblical worldview, and be informed of the world around them and far away, and develop a sympathetic understanding of other cultures and backgrounds, then this curriculum might be right for your family

For over 25 years, CLP has provided quality Christian education materials to help prepare students for life.

Pros of Christian Light Publications

  • Emphasis is on conceptual learning.
  • Students are encouraged to analyze related facts and come to conclusions from their study.
  • It's a spiral approach to learning. Each lesson starts with new material then a review section.
  • A full year with all subjects is less than $300.
  • It is comprised of a teacher guide and 10 light units (consumable workbooks) for each subject.
  • The final test is included in each light-unit which makes them fully self-contained.
  • Math includes flash cards, speed drills, and counting exercises along with each days lessons.
  • The Language Arts incorporates handwriting and creative writing within the same book.
  • The Reading uses readers that teach spiritual values. Each story has a memory verse, a test, reading comprehension, and vocabulary.

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