Happy so far!!!

by Bobbi Decker
(New Berlin, WI)

I just started using Christian Light this year for my first-grade daughter. We actually did use a few materials from Christian Light Education last year for kindergarten but used primarily Abeka. While most of my homeschooling friends use and love Abeka, it just wasn't right for us.

After seeing GREAT reviews for Christian Light Education, I went to their website and was able to see sample pages from their curriculum.

In short, it is so simple to use (for Mom); it does not require much teacher prep time and the manuals are so very clearly written and easy to use.

Yet for the student, the workload is challenging without being overwhelming.

I love the spiral approach, in which a new concept is taught daily and then gentle review is given of previous concepts learned.

My daughter absolutely loves doing her work each day!

The cost of the curriculum makes it almost too good to be true! It's the least expensive of the curriculums out there.

I highly encourage anyone homeschooling to at least give it a try.

It's not one of the better-known ones out there (yet) but in my opinion it is the BEST!!

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