Creative Preschool Curriculum Ideas

You could come up with creative preschool curriculum ideas on your own or you can purchase a great preschool homeschool curriculum that is all ready to go.

I have done both. When I had only preschoolers at home my little ones followed me around and we enjoyed a great time together in our preschool daily schedule. I came up with some fun preschool ideas...

Coming up with new preschool curriculum ideas when I started homeschooling was fun.

A preschool homeschool curriculum does not have to be complicated. A good home school preschool program can be as easy as finding fun activities around the house.

So I am sharing them with you! ENJOY!

preschool curriculum ideas

Life skills

  • Teeth, bed, cleaning, folding laundry, baking
  • This can all be done in your "normal life routine". Your preschooler will learn as she follows you around the house.
  • There is no better curriculum than imitating mommy.


Preschool curriculum ideas
  • Alphabet sounds, letter recondition, handwriting
  • Coloring alphabet books and letters is an easy way to teach alphabet sounds.
  • Practice writing two numbers and two letters (these can be taken from the 100 Easy Lessons book below).
  • Preschool Reading - cuddling together with books on the couch!
  • I read many stories aloud. The children picked out the stories they liked when we went the local library.
  • 30 minute before they went to bed, they would read silently.
631985: Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.


  • Pledge of allegiance, calendar, weather, animals, senses, magnets, healthy habits, life cycles, simple experiments.
  • Talk about the weather.
  • Go to the zoo.
  • Let them help you measure when you bake.
  • Help plant, water, and weed garden.

 Social Studies

  • Community helpers, holidays, famous Americans
  • Make holidays special by reading books/watching videos about the history of the holiday.
  • Create a special meal for the different holidays... heart pancakes for Valentines Day.
  • Visit your local fire station/police station to learn more about community helpers.



prescchool art



  • Read a Bible story book
  • Tell stories using flannel graph
  • Go over the Sunday school papers together from church.

Do you have any
Creative Preschool Curriculum Ideas?

Share with us your fun preschool ideas! How have you taught math, the alphabet, etc...? What do you do?

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