Teaching Textbooks Math

Teaching Textbooks Math is a unique computer based CD-ROM, non consumable, homeschool math curriculum.

I started using Teaching Textbooks 4 years ago for my daughter who had been struggling in Pre-Algbra. With the clear intructions given in the book and taught on the CD-Rom, she started to enjoy math.Now I use this homeschool math for all my high school students!

Why use Teaching Texbooks?

First, because it was designed specifically for independent learners. Teaching Textbook™, with its approximately 700 pages of text and 120 - 160 hours of teacher instruction on CD-ROM, is both a teacher and a textbook combined into one.

Second, given the amount of teaching that the series offers and the importance of junior high and high school math in college courses and on the job, this program represents an incredible value.

Third, the series includes all the terms that students need to know for important standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT

Pros of Teaching Textbooks Math

Student Are Independent: You can follow along with your child, but not need to "teach" The lessons were on CD’s and for some levels everything is automated including the grade book. Audio visual is also good for cementing the concepts. The CD-ROM teach the lesson, on which they also do their work, are corrected, and retaught and explained.

Easy to Understand: The lessons are taught so math is made easy to understand and it a spiral method of teaching. Excellent for a student who needs to hear things more than once to get it. The CD contains reference numbers for each problem so students and parents can see where a problem was first introduced and works through the entire problem for a student to fully understand how the answer was achieved.

Review Method: It uses the well-known review method. This helps students grasp difficult concepts and helps to retain the concepts longer. Each lesson includes 5 practice problems (examples) and 20-24 assigned problems, for a total of almost 3,500 problems in the book.

Interesting for Kids: The graphics and teaching are fun and interesting. It even has animated buddies to cheer the student on and it is engaging, challenging and fun.

Computerized Grading: For grades 3 through Algebra 1, the entire curriculum is on CD-ROM and has automated grading with a digital grade book that can manage multiple student accounts and be easily edited by a parent. It does all the record keeping!

Reusable: It's one big book, and a small answer book and CDs, as opposed to a giant teacher's manual and 2 packs of worksheets like other other math curriculum. Can be used for more than one child at a time! The computer program can be reset for other children to reuse the program and the workbook is reusable.

Cons of Teaching Textbooks Math

Younger Grades Excluded: Does not have a K, 1st and 2nd grade level

Cost: It is cheaper than Bob Jones and A Becka ($399.99 for DVDs), yet it is more expensive than Saxon ($60.00).

Might Be Lower Grade Level: Some parents and students feel that the curriculum is behind one grade level, In other words Algebra 1/2 could be used for 6th graders, Algebra I is a very thorough Pre-Algebra course (7th grade), Algebra II is a great Algebra I course.

My girls were struggling with another curriculum we were using, so this was not a problem for us.

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