6 Reasons Why You Need A
  Homeschool Transcript

A homeschool transcript was the last thing I was thinking about when I started homeschooling my children in the lower grades.

Then, as they got older I started a homeschool high school program.

I learned very quickly that a homeschool highschool transcript was extremely important for each of my high school students.

Every home-educating program must complete a transcript and diploma for its graduating students whether or not they are considering college enrollment.

Why a Homeschool Transcript is so Important


Colleges differ in how many credits they want entering students to have in various subject areas.

If you know that your graduate is college-bound, check with the admissions office of the college of your choice to identify their requirements or guidelines.


Some employers also require high school transcripts along with the high school diploma.

Having an official looking transcript with all the essential information on it is critical for some good paying jobs.

  Use as a Report card

Use your child’s transcripts as an annual report card.

This is especially helpful when applying for good driver discount on auto insurance. 

Many times work permits need transcripts or they are wanted  to accompany resumes/applications for volunteer and paid positions, etc.

  Summarize Your Record Keeping

Summarize your record keeping with a carefully prepared transcript. It reports in a concise way the total of your students schooling.

Behind that transcript should stand a portfolio of work samples, detailed test information, SAT record, recommendations from employers and directors of extracurricular activities, etc.

With this information available, you will be ready to answer any questions when they come up.

  Give Full Name

You will need to indicate full legal name, current address,gender, birthday, parent or legal guardian name, and a Social Security number.

This information is especially important if you are applying for any financial aid to go to college).

  Keep It Simple

Limit yourself to two pages (or one sheet front and back) for your printed transcript.

Wondering how to make homeschool transcripts? Follow this easy step by step guide for creating your homeschool high school transcript!

Transcripts are supposed to give a summary of achievement- just enough to know at a glance who the student is and what he has done.

In academic and most employment circles, anything more than two pages becomes to much.

If you don't want to create your own transcript download our free homeschool Transcript template!

  Do Not Procrastinate

Procrastination will always damage your ability to create a highschool transcript that presents your student’s work in the best possible light.

If you wait until the last minute, you will forget important details and grades.

Keep accurate record keeping by  downloading our free record keeping sheets.

Homeschooling High School can be challenging...so find more help here on how to homeschool high school.

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