Homeschooling Cons and Pros
A Teens Perspective

by Joshua M. De Leon, age 15, Grade 10
My Perspective on the Homeschooling Cons and Pros.

Is homeschooling right for you? What are the benefits of homeschooling? Will you go crazy? How will this affect your children? Is there an advantage of homeschooling? Can you afford it? Will it help your children in the future? Can you do it?

Weighing the homeschooling cons and pors or putting them in private or public schools, may be a difficult decision.

Cons of Homeschooling

Though, no doubt, you love your kids to death, you would be around them twenty-four seven, which may turn your hair gray faster then usual. Sometimes my mother looks a little worn out.

A set homeschool schedule is essential for your homeschool, especially if you have more than one child. Because there are so many children in our home, my mom makes sure we each know what is expected of us and when to start school.It really helps to know exactly what I am supposed to do each do, it makes school a little less stressful.

Keeping your teen's grades for college is very hard if you do not have a set plan or grading sheets. My mom keeps all our grades on a spreadsheet then transfers those to a high school transcript. She keeps all this on her computer for easy acess.

Your child may feel that he does not have many friends and may feel that they don't go out very much .My mom makes sure that I make friends at church and other activies. We are part of a homeschool group that teaches choir and has field trips once a month.

Homeschooling may seem expensive if you compare homeschooling to public school, but it is a whole lot cheaper than private school. My mom sells books and then rebuys used or new ones.

Pros of Homeschooling

Despite all of these cons of homeschooling, there are benefits to homeschooling as well.

You will be able to teach, nurture, and discipline your children; instilling the principles that will help them the rest of their lives. Often my mother knows when I am having a difficult time. We have the opportunity to talk...even when I really don't want too.

Field trips are what you make them to be. They could be a trip to the grocery store to estimate how much the total amount is going to be, or a trip to the zoo to learn about the Animal Kingdom.

Curriculum is the most important part. My mom has picked the curriculum that best suits each of us childen and how we learn.

There are many different types of curriculum out there for homeschooling. There are DVD classes, online classes, or just teaching your child yourself.

Although picking the right one may be a problem, the main thing is to choose the one that will help you and your child to homeschool effectively and efficiently.

It may seem overwhelming at first!

Yes, there are cons and pros of homeschooling but with a set schedule and plan you can be your child's teacher so they can make a great impact on the world.

My mom and dad have chosen to homeschool our family, I really enjoy the opportunity of learning under my mother and father!

Does your child or teen like to homeschool? They can publish their work and write from their own words why they love homeschooling. Your child can enter the fun too!

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